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I have tried many other meal prep companies and have never been impressed. They tend to lack flavor, options, and creativity. Deciding to try Meal Plus Prep’s meals completely changed my experience and views on the benefits of meal prep. I’m busy and don’t have time to cook, but care about my health and need quick options that keep me full even on the go. Meal Plus Prep provides flavorful and creative meals that fit everyone’s lifestyle, budget, and schedule.

Jessica Martinez

Most meal prep companies have healthy meals but at the sacrifice of taste and flavor. This is where Meal + Prep excels! These meals have such great flavor I can’t believe how healthy they are for you! I’ve been eating various meals from them 5-6 days per week for the last 3 weeks and I am down 13lbs. Highly recommend !!

Tim Arvanitidis

I’ve been using Meal+Prep since January. As a professional athlete I’ve tried my fair share of different meal prep companies, and this is by far the best meal prep experience I’ve ever had. Most companies leave meals under weighted and over priced. Meal+Prep keeps me fueled and satisfied for hours in between workouts in and out of fight camp. Overall these guys are a 5star 10/10 company and I would recommend this for everyone and anyone regardless who you are and their nutrition goals.

Eddie George
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